Meet Jane and David, Husband and Wife team who have over 20 years experience in Floristry and Horticulture. Long Barn Flowers have been creating wonderful wedding pieces at Lemore for over 12 years and they are such a pleasure to work with. From the moment you meet them, you are made to feel completely at ease. They are often popping their head into our office and looking after us with cups of tea and plenty of hugs. This Friday, we got the chance to have a good natter with them whilst strolling around the grounds, about their increasing efforts to reduce the impact their work has on the environment. Jane and David are making big improvements in the way they run their business and we thought that you’d like to hear more about this fabulous duo…

As a venue, we are passionate about decreasing the impact our events have on the environment. We are constantly investing into new ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste, carbon emissions, energy and plastics. Did you know that just over 4 years ago we installed ‘Puffing Billy’- our bio mass wood chip boiler. This allows us to supply you with ample heating and hot water year round in this big Manor House. It does this without burning fossil fuels and our wood-chip comes from just one mile away. It’s a pretty amazing piece of equipment. 


Traditional florist foam is one of the largest contributors to plastic waste in the industry. The original formula of floral foam is not bio-degradable and has a staggering impact on landfill.  Jane and David use bio-degradable foam oasis and they are willing to make suggestions for ethical alternatives such as chicken wire and moss. 

When it comes to table arrangements, they are keen to use their own glass vases to reduce the hiring and buying costs for bridal couples (and reduce the carbon-footprint of doing so). 


Long Barn Flowers are based in Worcestershire and grow many of the flowers they use in their own gardens. This way, they are able to manage the quality and freshness of their products and reduce the carbon miles on out-sourcing. All of their waste is composted. Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient rich food for the garden. Perfect for growing more gorgeous, healthy plants!


The nature of floristry does sometimes mean that there is plastic waste. However, it is all about turning a negative into a positive. Jane and David re-use plastic waste as much as they possibly can, carefully choosing their suppliers to support this. 

Head to their website or social pages to find out more about them or make an enquiry!

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