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Take time to explore

Since 2007, we have planted over 1000 trees and plants and when you visit, you will be able to see all efforts:

The beauty of Lemore, is there are formal gardens, informal gardens, wild flower meadows, woodlands and coppices along with the newly formed vegetable garden affectionately known as The Patch.

Formal gardens



Structure designed by Robert Myers Associates (an award- winning Chelsea Flower Show designer) in 2016.  Whatever time of year you visit, the gardens and grounds look beautiful and offer a new look with every season.  The formal gardens offer fabulous architecture and structure with Yew and Box all year round and a delightful collection of Acers for a spectacular Autumnal show.


The Pleached Hornbeam


A stunning row of Pleached Hornbeam, pave the way to the bandstand, where couples can say "I do" in the great outdoors.  These trees were planted in 2012.

The Wild Flower Meadow


Adjacent to the Lemore Lodges and the pond, Ben is passionate about his wild flower meadow, which he started to develop in 2010. Today, visitors can enjoy the abundance of butterflies and bees and if you look carefully, you can spot some wild orchids - new in 2019!

Giant Redwoods


Five of these beauties were planted adjacent to the Wild Flower Meadow, at the beginning of 2020.  Each tree will remove 250 tonnes of Carbon from the atmosphere in their lifetime!



During the month of September and early October, the grounds are filled with many varieties of mushrooms and toadstools, including the spectacular Fly Agaric found under a beautiful Lebanon Cedar, by the pond.

The Native Coppice


Delightful coppice planted by Ben in 2010, filled with Silver Birch to attract the Gold Finches and Long Tailed Tits, Eucalyptus, Oak, Beech and Maples. The coppice is located on the far side of the pond and encompasses the newly installed Glass House for dining.  A small collection of Poplars planted in 2011, are now rather tall and looking magnificent, adjacent to this coppice. There is an ongoing need for timbers in the garden, Ben planted lots of Willow and Sweetchestnut for coppicing.  This year, the Willow was coppiced extensively for structures in the vegetable patch.

The Secret Garden


Forming part of the Garden Room - a secluded garden.  Enter through the beautiful blue wooden doors and a secret garden filled with Pink and yellow Rhododendrons, David Austin Roses and Ferns, soften a tranquil seating area, the perfect perch to listen to the birdsong in early evenings.

The Wildlife


If you are an early riser, you will be spoilt with birdsong. The birdlife is simply spectacular with an abundance of Jenny Wrens, Goldfinches, Long Tailed Tits, Buzzards and Red Kites.  We also have sightings of Skylarks, Herons, Jays, the Green Woodpecker, the Greater Spotted Woodpecker, Roe Deer and Muntjac.  The pond's residents are Moorhens and Coots with visiting ducks.

Fruit trees


Explore the fruit trees and you'll find damson, egg plums, Green Gage, Victoria Plum, Early Prolific, Quince, Mulberry, Crab Apple, along with a variety of apple and pear trees. All have been planted since 2011.