Puffing Billy



Our biomass wood chip boiler, also known as 'Puffing Billy', is a low carbon heating system which provides all the heating and hot water for The Lemore Estate. Puffing Billy is an automated machine that uses wood chips to produce energy rather than burning fossil fuels. It is very environmentally friendly as it produces a lot less carbon dioxide emissions than fossil fuels. Puffing Billy is a great addition to The Lemore Estate as it is an eco-friendly solution to becoming completely energy independent.

The Patch



Our passion for gardening has now extended to the large development of the kitchen gardens known as 'The Patch'. An acre of The Lemore Estate now provides seasonal fresh produce to keep not only the chef happy, but to offer the ultimate dining experience. The Patch has a wide variety of produce from tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes, onions, apples, gooseberries and so much more! Our menus are all inspired by the produce from The Patch, giving our guests the freshest ingredients in their delightful dishes cooked by Chef.




With 11 acres of land, we plant a tree in honour of every couple who gets married at The Lemore Estate so the tree can blossom along with their new commitment to each other. We create a personalised natural wooden plaque to mark the tree so you can come back and visit The Lemore Estate and reminisce on good times. It also allows our couples to give back to nature and offset their carbon footprint.